Thursday, April 16, 2015

Seven for the seven who tried to get to heaven

She is seven today. Seven, people. I am in awe that this beautiful child who loves reading, singing, make-up, and her family ~ is ours. Life is good.
I am preparing for her sleep-over today. The party will be tomorrow night, and I am not really sure why we agreed to a sleep over with this  many girls - I think we should have had ONE friend over first. You live, you learn. I am sure mayhem will ensue.
Only five more weeks of school , and then the monkey will turn 15. At that thought, I just need to get back in the bed.
Wonderful day, and wonderful world. Thank you, God.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Times like these

 I cannot express how proud I am of Ladybug creating this Reading Fair board all alone. She did not want any help - how many first graders can say that ? She did almost everything by her self - I was willing to create a huge Junie B Jones for the top, an Easter Egg Hunt for the table, and print out or cut out all the letters and paragraphs. She wanted to hand write it all. I think it is lovely. I love her.
 And this is Ethel. Named after Ethel Mertz, the man's favorite character on 'I Love Lucy' . but Ladybug thinks her name is 'Ethel Mae Mercy' and I quite like that.

No pictures of the monkey - he is too busy being a ninth grader, I think......

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

well, it's about time

It has taken me MONTHS, I tell you, to post again - new computer, new passwords, etc. Too much . At any rate, exams start tomorrow, Christmas is in nine tiny days, and life is wonderful. Oh, and Ethel is finally here. Ladybug is still scared of her - now, really.... who can be scared of this ?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer's Here - I'm For That !!!

Well, here we are. School is out , all the workshops and art camps are done- We are back from Europe, and finally feel as if we are having some summer vacation. We get to relax until school starts back --- July 28.
The ladybug will be in 'Princess Camp' next week - cannot wait to experience this! The monkey is ready for a youth-group trip to Junaluska, and then his baseball games.  The man and I are just hoping to get caught up on the laundry - we don't really want for much.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whatever will be , will be

Well, I certainly had better intentions.
It has taken me over a month to finally admit I could not remember my password  for this blog, and I had to come up with a new one. At any rate, here we are -
the ladybug had a wonderful time at her 'Carnival Birthday of Wonderfulness' She had about 30 kids to show up, and they had BIG fun. Some of the WGITB showed up, and ran the booths - I was so thankful. And for the very first time in all of the birthday parties I have ever had, we actually ran out of cake. [ some kids had  more than one piece, and some kids went running back to the jumpy slide while I cut cake] Big fun, people!
The monkey is having a grand time playing baseball - he is actually pretty good . The man and I will be out of the country when the All-Star team competes, so we are not sure if he will participate this year or not.
Ladybug is also playing summer ball - she is playing t-ball on the BEST team - of course, it is "the Ladybugs" and I am the coach. I am sure you are asking yourself what I know about t-ball - need I remind you of my one and only home run in my one and only year of summer softball in Greenville? I am certain there is a plaque somewhere.......
Less than a month of school left - lots to do , and lots of places to go. I will be better at reporting our whereabouts, I promise.
Be nice.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We had to go visit with Santa yesterday - Ladybug asked him to help Pop feel better, and bring a few toys to our house.... God bless her.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time for joy, time for cheer

Well people, here we are .
The Lady bug is counting down the days every morning - marking them off the Hello Kitty calendar in the kitchen. [ she is really a week ahead, but don't tell her just now] She is more than fired UP about this Christmas - being five years old is the best thing, ever.
The Monkey is being so sweet. He keeps researching Pop's illness , and reporting to us each time he finds something . God bless him. He is such a precious child.
The man is hanging in there - kind of hard to get excited about a holiday when your father is ill.

We were discussing Luke's version of the birth of Jesus in Sunday School today, and another person in the room said " I have given it a lot of thought , and I just have to say this - it was only children who saw the Angels and witnessed the birth of Jesus - all the men were away, being taxed." Now, I am not a theologian, but it has never , ever occurred to me to question any part of this story. I am good with it, right out of my King James. Why would anyone feel the need to question it? It happened, people !

The last thing I have to say is this - at Christmas time, I have always felt a bit sorry for people with 20/20 vision - I think a tree is so beautiful when you take off your specs and look at it all fuzzy. Rupert Holmes wrote a song about it, back in the 80's - 'Nearsighted' , I do believe.
and on that note, I will send my warmest Christmas wishes to all of you out there. Be sweet!